Welcome to Shahrazada

A unique sanctuary for scent enthusiasts that weaves a sensory narrative with an array of niche and Arabian perfumes. Named after the legendary Persian queen Scheherazade, famous for her thousand and one enchanting stories, Shahrazada is a tale of passion and refinement in fragrance form.

Shahrazada goes beyond just selling perfumes. Our curated selection of both well-known niche brands and hidden gems from Arabian perfumers, transports patrons to distant lands filled with spice-laden bazaars, blossoming oasis, and the mysterious allure of the desert at night.

At Shahrazada, we appreciate the art of perfumery as a form of storytelling. Each fragrance in our collection tells a unique tale, filled with notes that unfurl and reveal themselves over time. Whether you are looking for a perfume that evokes memories of a beloved place, a scent to represent your personality, or simply a new olfactory adventure, our knowledgeable staff will guide you on your journey to find the perfect match.

Hello fragrance enthusiasts,

I'm Viktorija, and I'm delighted to welcome you to our world of scents. The fragrances we offer reflect my ongoing fascination with the intricate dance of aromas. Join us on this aromatic journey, where each fragrance has a story to tell, waiting for you to discover.

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